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Got Adventurous teens looking to do some exploring? We will organize 5 days of consecutive Day Tripping Adventures, each day at a different location and integrate a combination of paddling and hiking so your kids will have the week of their life. It’s not just about exploring - they will learn survival skills, how to protect and preserve the lands on which we tread, leadership skills and gain a new perspective and appreciation for our unique and beautiful area. They will be unplugging, de-screening, and connecting with the nature and beauty that surrounds them.


The week that you book will be exclusive to your teens, so that we can tailor the trips specifically suited to their abilities. Minimum 4 and Maximum 6 youth per session, ages 14-17yrs 


Adventure week includes: 5 days of day tripping with one potential overnight if desired, 2 Certified Guides (see 'Meet the Team) with youthwork experience/qualifications, all related gear on kayaking trips, and a detailed list of what to wear and bring so your teen can come each day prepared. 

Contact us about a week that would suit your schedule – recommended seasons are Winter, Summer, and Fall. The Kayaking option will be offered May – October only. 

Youth Adventures

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