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What to wear and bring


Dress in layers. Clothes that are versatile.


While adventuring in the Maritimes, one can easily expect several different weather systems in a single day. Cool mornings, scattered showers, hot sun, wind…  can all appear, often without a lot of warning. We check the weather and do not let adventurers head out if the weather forecast is extreme or risky, but temperature and wind conditions can vary by several degrees when in the forest, on the coast, or out on the water. 

Be prepared.


  • Long pants and a long sleeve T can be worn over shorts and t shirt for cool morning starts, and easy to take off as it warms up or put back on when needed.  

  • Extra socks and liners are handy if the pair you’re wearing gets wet, and liners can help prevent blisters.

  • Shorts with a built in liner can double as undies and swim bottoms that’ll dry quick after a river crossing (or cooling off in a stream) and can easily be worn under long pants.


NB is also known for its Tick population…

  • Wearing long pants when hiking is greatly encouraged! 

  • For your top half, rash guards are an excellent way to prevent sun burn, keep cool, and avoid ticks all at the same time.



  • Hiking shoes, boots, or proper hiking sandals - Absolutely NO FLIP FLOPS and preferably no running shoes (unless they are trail runners) as conventional runners are extremely slippery when even the slightest bit damp.

  • Hat - and/or sunscreen

  • Jacket

  • Day Pack - We will be providing the lunch, but it’s yours to carry! Also good for carrying your jacket and other layers

  • Water Bottle - We will have water for you to fill your bottles. However as we are focused on being environmentally friendly, we will not be providing single use water bottles. HOWEVER we will have personal water bottles available for purchase if you don’t have one.

  • Waterproof bag for your electronics - A ziploc will do!



In addition to the above list, if your adventure has a kayaking component, please also bring:

  • Change of clothes 

  • Water shoes


Kayaking is a water sport :) so be prepared to get wet. It is near certain that your feet will get wet, getting in and out of your kayak and your clothes will get wet from splashes and paddle drippings. If we are in a location where it is permissible to swim, you may also want to bring a towel and/or wear a bathing suit under your clothes. 


1 DRY BAG per person IS PROVIDED for use.

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