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Tell us about you!

Your adventure is booked, the dates are set and now the anticipation.


At In Step Adventures, we know that this is something that you’ve thought about and planned for, and we want to make sure that you get the most out of it. You booked with us because you know a cookie-cutter adventure is not for you!


This form is a quick way for you to tell us about yourselves so we can start tailoring YOUR ADVENTURE, YOUR WAY.


Once this is completed, we’ll send you a proposed itinerary for your review and approval. Then we can tweak it anyway you like.

Where are you coming from?
How familiar are you with the area?
How familiar are you with the area?
What part of Canada?
What kind of travelers are you?
How would you describe your fitness levels?
What type of adventure did you choose?
You consider yourself...
What kind of hikers are you?

Are you as excited as we are?!

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