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Meet the In Step Adventurers!

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Marguerite Burns has always felt most at home being out in nature. She started In Step Adventures in 2019 after more than 35 years of experience leading and teaching all kinds of outdoor activities for all ages and abilities. She has actively participated in nearly every nature based sport and is Polly's personal favorite hiking buddy.



Hiking & Kayaking Guide


Patrick works full time at Outdoor Elements in Sussex as the shop gear guru, and is an avid hiker, backpacker, skier and mountain biker. His favorite hike to date was the Nepisiguit Trail “epic!!”  hiking the 150km route in 6 days. Patrick also has his Pilots licence (that is why he’s always looking at the sky!) and his favourite trail snack is a honey stinger waffle and late night snack is a dairy milk bar.



Hiking Guide


Mel has a love for adventure and travel, and after living in NZ for 8 years, she and her partner settled here in Saint John 5 years ago to be close to family.

Mel is passionate about Saint John and all it has to offer to new and established residents alike. With a degree in Social Work, she is currently the Manager of Newcomer Support Services at Saint John’s YMCA and is working on her Masters in Peace and Justice. 



Support Staff


Lori is a mom of 3 sons, a native southern New Brunswicker and a lover of people and the outdoors! From cycling and kayaking to Hiking and skiing, she is always open to a new adventure (and typically laughing while doing it!) Lori’s favorite Adventure so far? Thorsmork Volcano hike in Iceland

Lori Carle.jpg


Hiking & Kayaking Guide


Elizabeth has been a self described  ‘Get Outside-er!’ forever. In the woods and along the coast are her favourite destinations. Outside is the best-side… she can’t wait to  meet you there, where the sky, air and sea can work their magic:)

Elizabeth Sutherland.jpg


Hiking & Kayaking Guide


Polly was rescued from kennel life in 2017 and has never looked back.  At home on any adventure, land or sea, she is always up for anything. She loves giving morale boosts to every adventurer, being a personal heater on chilly nights, and assisting in gathering sticks for the evening fire. Her favorite food is almonds from a shared trail mix, and her favourite place is by Marguerite’s side. Or whoever has the trail mix!



Hiking & Kayaking Guide


(not really)

Walter is a Retired Forester, and has been on the board of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick for over 10 years. He is the proud grandfather of 8, continues to be an active and seasoned volunteer for the Nature Trust, and is an avid kayaker - enjoying his beautiful waterfront paradise on Passamaquoddy Bay.

Walter Emrich.jpg


Hiking & Kayaking Guide


Kristen is a fun-loving elementary school teacher who loves sharing her passion for the great outdoors with her students. Kristen seeks out adventure through camping, hiking and traveling to different places in the world. She enjoys staying active through running, snowboarding, playing frisbee and anything that has to do with water fun! She loves living in NB and looks forward to connecting with you out on the trails.

Kristen Reay.JPG


Hiking Guide


Taryn began guiding in the 90's and enjoys all things out doors. Paddling around the Fundy Isles and hiking at Fundy National Park are a steady high on the favorites, but she's always up for new and exciting adventures.These days you will likely find her out on the trails or teaching her new sidekick Blue the Border Collie all things paddling. 
Taryn is also known as the local gear guru at our local outfitter 'River and Trail'!

Taryn Giles.jpg


Hiking & Kayaking Guide


Susan is an active mom of 3 Elementary school age kiddos and has a love for hiking and adventures! She relocated to the Maritimes just 4 years ago and has been busy discovering all the great trails, and planning adventures with her children whenever possible. She has a love and a special talent for baking & cooking and has joined the team as a Guide in Training and as our ISA Chef - preparing our delicious signature lunches and Days End Fare.

ISA - Staff - Susan Burns.jpg


Support Staff


Outdoor Council of Canada Certified

Red Cross Advanced Wilderness Remote First Aid Certified

Red Cross CPR Certified

Wilderness First Responder

Food Handler Certified

Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Certified: Level 1

Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Certified: Level 2

VHF Marine Radio Certified/liscensed

Responsible Beverage Certified

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