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Come paddle with us!

View our paddling adventures below.

Whether you’re looking for a meandering paddle through nature, an exhilarating coastal kayak, or the opportunity to explore an area you've never been, our customizable adventures are tailored to fit your preferences. 

Immerse yourself in the great outdoors and create an experience that's as unique as you are.

Half-Day - Birds of the Bay

Manawagonish Island is a Nature Trust-protected Bird Sanctuary, and Thumb Island and Saints Rest Marsh are NT-protected areas.


Exploring these from the water gets you up close and personal with the Birds of Our Bay and is offered June - October, with beach landings and an ‘on island ‘exploration only after September 21st.  


Paddle around this amazing island, see the birds and their nests, and take in this incredible experience.


Half-Day - Red Rocks of Fundy

The Red Rocks of Fundy is a stunning piece of coastline that few folks get to experience from the water.


45min east of Saint John, this adventure can be enjoyed as a coastal paddle, hike or both and will take you along the red rock cliffs from Tynemouth Creek to Gardiner Creek and includes Robinson Cove, Duck Pond Beach, and a hike out to Split Rock.


You will see unique rock formations, sea caves, wildlife, and breathtaking views. 

Half-Day - Irving Nature Park

This unique paddle will take you around the local large coastal Irving Nature Park.


An incredible experience from the water, you’ll launch from the boardwalk right into the marsh’s mudflats, follow the tidal flow out to the cove, paddle on the bay around Seely Point, pass where the seals hang out, explore a hidden beach that is kayak access only, and finish on the beautiful sands of Saints Rest Beach. 


Half-Day or Full-Day
Long Island Adventure

Long Island has a wonderful history and is stunning to paddle along…little cottages, sheer rock faces, beaches and private coves.


It is one of the many unique treasures of our beautiful Kennebecasis River.


Private beach access will launch you into an amazing day of discovery and welcome you back to enjoy some Days End Fare!

Full-Day - Cove to Cove 1.0

This Coastal Paddle will start at Dipper Harbour, where we’ll paddle past the fishing boats, out of the harbour and along the rugged coast towards Chance Harbour.


Along the way, we’ll explore the NCC-protected area of Round Meadow Cove and the NT Thompson Marsh Nature Preserve before continuing to the beautiful sandy beach of Cranberry Cove.


Full-Day - Cove to Cove 2.0

Here, we’ll begin from the beautiful sandy beach of Cranberry Cove and paddle the rugged coast, exploring NCC-protected areas of Little Musquash and Gooseberry Island.


This cove-to-cove exploration will wrap up at NCC-protected Black Beach.

Full-Day - Cove to Cove 3.0

Offerings 1 and 2 combined for more experienced paddlers.


Full-Day - Island Hop Rendezvous

This sea kayking redezvous takes you to NT Bliss & Frye Island Nature Preserves, paddling to Seal Rock and exploring all the little islands in between.


This adventure includes a short hike to Bliss Island Lighthouse.

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