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The coast of SAINT JOHN & TOWNS by the BAY has many faces that contrast each other greatly, only 1 hour on each side of the city. 

Just under an hour to the east of Saint John are the red rocks of Fundy. A beautiful and unique coastline, these red sedimentary rocks are the postcards of the Maritimes.
In the other direction, 15 minutes west of Saint John, is a completely different rugged coastline, featuring limestone, shale, and jagged igneous rocks. It's a stunning contrast, with another story to tell. 
A little further west is Blacks Harbour. This is about an hour from Saint John and features an area of the Bay where the whales come through and there are many different Islands to explore. 
Most of these adventures have both hiking and paddling options. Our Kayaking adventures have a maximum of 4 guests, and our hiking adventures max 12. For large groups, see our Team Building Adventures Page .
NOTE: If you’ve booked a paddle, we understand that there’s nothing more disappointing than to be looking forward to an adventure and it’s cancelled because of poor conditions.
Sometimes, that’s unavoidable, and our first priority is to keep our guests safe.

That said,
we try very hard to make sure you get the most out of your day, and your visit, so cancelling an adventure is a last resort – we always have alternate options ready to go, so your adventure journal will be sure to say

Check out our adventures below!

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