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Team Building Adventures


Team building and professional development has been a big part of many businesses and organizations. In recent years it has been given recognition, focus, and understanding in the context of mental health.

In Step Adventures is committed to providing alternate opportunities for professional development, team building, and activities designed to encourage mental health - all while in a fun and beneficially proven outdoor environment!

Take a break from the conference room and power point. Get outside and take the learning there – you will be amazed at the positive impact to your team that comes from working outside the box! Literally!


In Step Adventures has partnered with YIP CIDER on the Kingston Peninsula to provide an exclusive venue for a local destination day of adventure team building fun!

Our Programs

Each package includes: ISA Guides, selected activity, debrief with food and beverage, and all materials, gear or equipment needed for package selected.

A. Mindfulness Walk in the Woods


Our certified and professional guides will take your group into the woods. We won’t be meeting Meryl Streep, but your team will enjoy adventuring on the trails, taking in the beauty of the forest and moments for guided personal reflection.


At a predetermined and pristine location, our guide will lead you through some stretches, breathing and mindfulness exercises to create an environment that will facilitate an openness to new learning.

B. Photo Scavenger Hunt


Our photo Scavenger hunt is one of our most popular packages. Using their phones, your teams will use their creativity and innovation to take pictures or create videos of specific things.

On the trails in the forest they will work together to find or create locations to accomplish their tasks.


While your group enjoys refreshments and corporate social/debrief time, ISA will put together the photos so you can sit back and enjoy the show along with some good laughs and fun awards!

C. Art In The Park


This package is next level creative thinking, and a fun hike all in one. 

Fresh air, exercise and good conversation are often conducive to brainstorming great ideas and beginning to flush them out. The guided hike will give teams the opportunity to connect by talking together and planning the creative assignment given.

After the hike they will work together to use items collected, complete their work of art and present it's significance to the other teams.

D. Wilderness Survival


Learning to work together and trying out practical skills for what to do when you’re lost in the woods, this package will stretch and challenge your team


Using items provided and having to forage some of their own, Teams will follow a map and use a compass to get to a specific location where they will have to set up camp: build a shelter, start a fire, and cook some food.

E. Build Your Own!


This is package is perfect for a fun, challenging, adventurous, team building event that is custom tailored just for you! 


Come to us with your great idea, and we’ll build a custom package that suits your time frame AND your budget! 


Our Approach

 At In Step Adventures, we understand the corporate environment and how important it is for employees to feel healthy and happy in the workplace. Healthy and happy employees perform well, and the benefits are reflected across the board – work climate, customer relations/satisfaction, and corporate success. 

 According to Harvard University studies, some of the top skills employers are looking for are skills that we creatively incorporate right into our Team Building Adventures! 

1. Analytical Thinking and Innovation:

Understanding what needs to be accomplished and figuring out a way to get there – regardless of perceived obstacles. 

2. Active Learning and Learning Strategies:

Seeing an area where knowledge is lacking, recognizing it and engaging in self-teach. 

3. Creativity and Originality:

Seeing things from a different perspective and thinking outside the box. 

4. Critical Thinking and Analyses:

Being able to think thoroughly and deliberately through daily tasks and find an efficient way to accomplish them. 

 5. Leadership and Social Influence:

The ability to lead a team, establish relationships and recognize team roles by highlighting individuals’ skills and strengths. 

6. Problem Solving and Adaptability:

Being able to problem solve in the moment and adapt accordingly. 

7. Emotional Intelligence:

Understanding how to look inward to gauge self-perception and anticipate other’s needs. 

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