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With experienced and certified Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Guides, you'll be paddling out to Nature Trust and Nature Conservancy Canada protected properties along the coast for an adventure like no other.


Learn why these areas are of special interest, what the NT and NCC are doing to help these coastal lands thrive and get out there to experience their wild and rugged beauty firsthand. We will paddle, explore, and share our Guiding Principles to Enjoy. Preserve. Protect. for an unforgettable Adventure in Conservation.


Various preserves, and areas to choose from. Contact us to plan your personal Adventure in Conservation: A Day On The Bay!

All inclusive: All Gear, Guides, ISA's Signature Picnic Lunch and Day's End Fare.

A Day on the Bay


Cove to Cove Coastal Exploration 1.0

Coastal Paddle from Dipper Harbour to Chance Harbour, includes NCC protected Round Meadow Cove, and NT protected Thompson Marsh

Musquash Head by Kicks and Kayak

NCC protected Musquash Estuary paddle and hike to Musquash Head Lighthouse

Blacks Harbour - Hike and Paddle

NT Nature Preserve coastal hike to Pea Point and Wallace Cove; paddle to Seal Rock and Bliss Island

Cove to Cove Coastal Exploration 2.0

Coastal Paddle from Chance Harbour to Gooseberry Cove, includes NCC protected Little Musquash, and Gooseberry Island explore

Birds of the Bay

Manawagonish Island, Thumb Island and Saints Rest Marsh (Nature Trust protected lands and Bird Sanctuary, offered June - October, with beach landings only after September 21st)

Cove to Cove Coastal Exploration 3.0

Offerings 1 and 2 combined for more experienced paddlers

Island Hop Rendezvous’ - Blacks Harbour

NT protected Bliss & Frye Islands and includes hike to Bliss Island Lighthouse


River Rendezvous

For those who want to experience the morning magic, this 1/2 day Adventure takes you for a Sunrise Paddle and Hike on Nature Trust Nature Preserve: Sea Dog Cove on the Kingston Peninsula. Includes breakfast!

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